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Interactive Installation, 2022

Dimension: 45cm(L) 60cm(W) 360cm(H)

Material: Ladder, Monitor screens, UBS camera, Cables, Media players

The main body of this interactive installation is based on the simulation and reproduction of a lift, which is a metaphor for the relationship between upper and lower classes in social relations. Through the 5 screens on the installation, spectators are invited to view a 5 minute film of continuous events happening in a lift over 5 days. Through an immersive monitoring game, the audience standing in front of the installation are also captured by a camera and projected onto a screen, exploring the relationship between subject and object in the power machine, which is interdependent, intertwined and eroded. In the artist's view, this relationship is both intimate and antagonistic, showing the characteristics of fluidity. We are not only individuals under surveillance, but also accomplices in the exercise of power.

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