About me

Ding Ruyi

Born in Shanghai, she is currently studying MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL).


As a generation of aphasia and less represented in big cities, most of her works are inspired by her nuanced observation and experience of the surroundings, both socially and environmentally. Just as we are separated into two aspects of ourselves, the ‘Dionysian’ and the ‘Apollonian’, she always tries to explore the intimate and confrontational relationship between the individual and the external world, since she believes it is the artist’s obligation to contradict the self without losing integrity. 

In light of the above inspirations, on the one hand, she is constantly participating in social events through interactive and dialogic projects. On the other hand, she continued to create paintings, performance and films under the theme of nature and landscapes as an objective narrator. 

Seek rest in exile and question injustice in reality, art is her weapon to fulfill destiny. 


Time Crevasse - 'Awaiting Voices', Virtual exhibition, www.mi-sul.com - 30/09-30/10, 2021

Missing Stranger - ConcreteHouse.art VR Exhibition -  09/09, 2021

The Gaze - Performance at private view event, 'Boredom is not a Luxury', Craft Central, London - 03/09, 2021

The Gaze - 'Transference.tv', CSM MA Interim Show - 19/04 - 25/04, 2021

Walk The Sea - BISFF, 'ONLY IN', Special Unit Online Invitation Exhibition - 21/03-30/04, 2020

Deep Blue & The birth and death of the flame, Walk The Sea - 'Springtime', Ephemeral Gallery, New York, 26/12-28/12, 2019

Publication & Interviews:

Missing Stranger - the MASS! September: ANARCHIVIST - https://www.the-mass.com/september-2021- 30/09/2021 


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