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Interactive Installation, 2021

Dimension: 510cm(L) 250cm(W) 200cm(H); Variable; 

Material: CCTV cameras, cables, acrylic sheet boxes, fabric, wood, one-way mirror, mirrors, monitor screen, bed sheet.

This work explores the ubiquity of invisible power of the surveillance by inviting the audience to participate in the activities. You are not only watched by the power, but also observing other people. This interactive installation consists of three parts. Inside of the first box, CCTV cameras are accumulated randomly and is connected to the power supply through a wire. The second box placed on the wall was covered with black fabric, making some weak coughing and electric sound from inside. The audience can observe their eyes through a one-way mirror in a small hole, but they don't know that their every move is been recorded by the micro surveillance camera hidden inside. The third part consists of mirrors, a bed sheet, CCTV cameras and a monitor screen, which shows the surveillance content captured from the second box in real time.

Collaborative with Marine One

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