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print("Hell World!")

Kinetic Installation, 2023

Dimension: 100cm(L) 60cm(W) 360cm(H) Variable 

Material: Printers, paper

This work consists of several faulty printers that were auctioned for free on eBay, piles of financial statements, and a running printer. These financial statements come from banks and giants that once dominated the operation of the world, but went bankrupt in a flash. For example, the recently bankrupt Silicon Valley bank, as well as Lehman Brothers, Enron, etc. All of these materials have thus collectively constructed a precarious economic system. When the printer placed in the middle starts to operate, the entire installation will begin to shake violently, presenting an extremely fragile, angry, and unstable state. The artist wants to use this to satirize the economic recession and various accompanying social issues in our post pandemic era.

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