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Missing Stranger

Short film


Inspired by my previous performance The Gaze, this short film tells the story of a performer who carried a broken mirror from the city to the deserted sea to post notices of missing people to find herself. This gradual "de urbanization" setting and the fading handwriting on the search notice can be understood as a metaphor for the process of continuous self digestion and self reconstruction. With the fall of the mirror at the end, a new self is born from the sea, and the cycle of cause and effect keeps reciprocating.


Mirror is a medium, a screen and a window for us to observe ourselves in our daily life. That is, a tool for forming self-consciousness. But sadly, most people live in the great illusion of self deception all their lives. We are born to decide which family and class we are born in, to be educated and shaped into a good man, and to be forced to accept hedonism and consumerism. This is like building yourself through a broken mirror. Such a life is born and broken. Therefore, here, the broken mirror is a kind of criticism and irony to fight against this Truman scam. In the final analysis, our life is a process of finding ourselves and making peace with ourselves, which is also the core of this short film.

Story by me

Performed by me

Shot by Ran Bi

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