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Walk the sea

Video 2'24’‘


In my hometown, Shanghai, there is a small river called Suzhou River, which flows through the Huangpu River and finally into the East China Sea. I have a strong feeling that the relationship between me and my original family is just like that between Suzhou River and the East China Sea. So I enlarged and printed one of my paintings into a 2.5m * 1.2m KT board, and walked it all the way from the source of Suzhou River to the East China Sea, the end of Suzhou River and Shanghai.

In the process of the performance, I further reflect myself to the below questions: Is the intergenerational gap between us and our parents the inevitable cost of the development of the times? So I added a silent subtitle at the end of the film: 'it's time to go home', which I regard as my own motif: no matter how far we go, home is a place that should not be forgotten. 

The pattern which lost in translation in terms of education is repetitive. However, generations of human beings would inevitably continue to walk their younger rivers to their expected sea. And this is another pattern that no one could escape from.

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